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Monday, January 12, 2009

Progress for January 12, 2009 - 24: The Game

The following takes place between 6 AM and 3 PM

To celebrate the return of 24 to Fox after the writers strike, it's a no-brainer which game I'll be playing next.

So far, I've been enjoying the game. The cinematic cutscenes are expertly done, following the layout and presentation of the TV show perfectly. Oddly enough, I'm enjoying the puzzle-based minigames more than third-person mission levels.

The worst thing I've encountered so far is the driving mechanics of the game, the worst of which so far was in mission #13 where Tony has to escort Lee Jin Yu to CTU while EVERY SINGLE CAR ON THE ROAD tries to stop you. Apparently whoever's in charge of the hit has enough men at his disposal to have 2 black vans and 3 silver sedans in every square mile of Los Angeles.

Couldn't someone with that kind of money just buy an island somewhere and retire?

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