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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress for March 29, 2008 - Super Mario Galaxy

What the fuck is wrong with the camera in Super Mario Galaxy? Super Mario 64 was one of the oldest 3D platformers ever. 3D movement and visuals were still in their infancy, and we were still graced with better camera controls than in Galaxy. I blame the level designers. Level designers become so proud of their work; all of the time they've spent tweaking every little nuance and vertex to make the level look perfect forces them to make compromises when it comes to the gameplay. They care so much about their work, it would pain them to death to have a player look at it in any angle other than intended, even if that angle isn't one of the principal directions or a 45 degree derivative thereof. So you end up trying to hold the joystick at an arbitrary direction halfway between left and up-left. Then as soon as you go to make the jump, the camera swoops around to put you in a completely different viewing angle, just soon enough to see Mario go careening into the abyss.

FUCK YOU! Is it too much to ask for a game where the camera stays nicely put and out of the way so we can see exactly what we're doing, exactly where we're going, and exactly where we're going to land?

GalaxyStarsEarned Today
Good Egg Galaxy******

Honey Hive Galaxy******
Cosmic Luigi Race
Space Junk Galaxy******

Battlerock Galaxy*******Purple Coins on the Battlerock
Battlerock's Garbage Dump
Luigi Under the Saucer
Beach Bowl Galaxy******

Ghostly Galaxy******

Gusty Garden Galaxy******

Freezeflame Galaxy******

Dusty Dune Galaxy*******

Gold Leaf Galaxy******
The Bell on the Big Tree
Cataquack to the skies
When it rains it pours

Sea Slide Galaxy******

Toy Time Galaxy******

Deep Dark Galaxy******
The Underground Ghost Ship
Bubble Blastoff

Dreadnought Galaxy******
Revenge of the Topman Tribe
Melty Molten Galaxy******

\|/Gateway Galaxy**

\|/Bowser Jr's Robot Reactor*

\|/Bowser's Star Reactor*

\|/Bowser Jr's Airship Armada*

\|/Bowser's Dark Matter Plant*

\|/Bowser Jr's Lava Reactor*

\|/Bowser's Galaxy Reactor*

Loopdeeloop Galaxy*

\|/Flipswitch Galaxy*

Rolling Green Galaxy*Rolling in the Clouds
\|/Hurry-Scurry Galaxy*

\|/Bubble Breeze Galaxy*

\|/Sweet Sweet Galaxy*

\|/Sling Pod Galaxy*

\|/Buoy Base Galaxy**

\|/Drip Drop Galaxy*

Honey Climb Galaxy*

Bonefin Galaxy*

\|/Sand Spiral Galaxy*

Matter Splatter Galaxy*

Bigmouth Galaxy

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