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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Progress for May 5, 2009 - BioShock

These levels are TOO DAMN LONG! Every time I sit down to play, it's like committing myself to watching a double feature of 1984 and Metropolis. The back and forth between Andrew Ryan and Atlas is enjoyable to listen to, but I'm usually too busy tracking down splicers to pay much attention to them.

I'm starting to notice a lot of minor bugs. For about an hour, the same piece of Subtitle was plastered on the bottom of the screen, even after toggling the subtitles setting and refreshing the view multiple times. Also, the game has a nasty habit of interrupting audio log playbacks with new communiques from Atlas or Ryan, and then replaying an earlier audio log completely unrelated to the current ones.

I know bugs are unavoidable in games, especially in one this huge, but it really takes you out of the immersion when you notice polygonal seams in the water.

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