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Friday, January 8, 2010

Progress for January 8, 2010 - Okami - COMPLETED!

Woo! This game was... very... confusing. Characters and plot lines drop in and out with little to no setup, and function primarily to lengthen an already obsessively long game.

Anywho. Yami is dead. Nippon is saved. Full review later this week.

Final play stats:
Play Time 45 hr 36 min 5 sec
Days Passed 70
Saves....... 86
Deaths..... 0 (Pink tree)
Enemies Defeated 459 (green tree)
Money Gained 3,422,795 (green tree)
Demon Fangs 296 (green tree)
praise earned 4,269 (green tree)

Presents from Issun:
Karmic Transformer 1
Karmic Transformer 2
Karmic Returner
Stray Bead
Karmic Transformer 3

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