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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Progress for November 29, 2008 - Puzzle Quest - COMPLETED!

This ending really caught me off guard. I had sensed that the game was reaching a climax when they spoke of Lord Bane, the God of Death, and I was hoping I was reaching an end point; I was starting to think the game was unbalanced since I'd already reached the level cap a considerable time before the end. If it didn't end here, I would have been really peeved.

Lord Bane does not disappoint as a final boss. He forced me to completely change my combat strategy. I decided to give up trying to use my spells and went purely for physical damage. I spent the last 20,000 gold on boosting my battle skill to level 66 and focused on matching skulls more than anything else. I only used Deathbringer when I could afford to miss a turn; Lord Bane's resistances were 20% in all areas. But I killed him in only the second attempt, which I owe mostly to my absurdly high battle skill.

Anywho. Expect a retrospective soon. Ta ta!

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