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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Progress for December 16, 2008 - Paper Mario - COMPLETED!

And once again, Bowser goes down! The fight was satisfyingly challenging, but not overly difficult. The only thing that got tedious was that every time he charged up his star power, I just used Star Beam and removed it. This happens every 4 turns, and Bowser can't be hurt while he's using the Star Power, so the only possible way to continue the battle is to use Star Beam. And since Star Beam costs absolutely nothing to cast, and its only purpose is to eliminate Bowser's Star Power, there's no reason to wait or use it any time other than immedately after he powers up, making it both repetitive and ultimately pointless.
It doesn't get much closer than this
I was impressed with how expansive Bowser's castle was. It doesn't disappoint as a final dungeon; It's about 3 times as long as any other dungeon in the game and the enemies are certainly not pushovers. Dry Bones are the most annoying enemies in the game.

Final Stats
Play Time- Just about 31 hours (There's no way to see the final time, so I just estimated up from the last save file)
Level: 25
HP: 50
FP: 40
BP: 30
Coins Collected: 3878
Badges Collected:54/80
Tayce T.'s recipes: 1/50 (I didn't even bother at all with this subquest.)
Quizmo's Quizzes: 5/6
Battles: 511

I don't think I'll be going for 100%. It seems pointless, unless someone can give me a good reason to.

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