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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Progress for December 8, 2008 - Paper Mario

The journey begins anew! The last time I tried to play this game, after about 8 hours in, the A button stopped working due to all the pressure and sharp presses that a game like this requires. All the action prompts have wreaked havoc with its ability to snap back to its un-pressed position. A shame since the controller itself is really nice otherwise.

Paper Mario starts out, like every other Mario game ever made in the history of mankind, with Bowser a being jerk and trying to take over the world and the only person who can stop him is Mario. Not exactly Pulitzer material, but there you go.
I like the way the game handles levels and skill growth. Rather than give you a random increase of each skill at each level, the game lets the player choose a flat increase of their Health, Magic, or Ability points.

I'm about 5 hours in. I've gained 3 party members and rescued 1 of the 7 stars needed. Why the hell do mario RPGs always need you to find 7 stars? Oh well.

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