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Friday, April 3, 2009

Site update

I tried recording a video of this. Three times. But every time, the footage was unusable. It reflects poorly on me a filmmaker and it's not up to my standards.

Anyway, 3 games are off my list, and they're being replaced by 3 others.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is gone. I last played it about 6 months ago, and honestly, I can't remember a damn thing about the story. All I can remember is it went ON and ON without ever getting anywhere.
In its place, I will be playing Bioshock.
Yeah, tough decision there.

Ultimate Spider-Man is also gone. I already beat it before I even started 53games, And getting 100% is the next step. But that means finding all the tokens, stopping all the crime, and beating all the races at the fastest time, which is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. So in its place is another game where you run around on rooftops, climb buildings, and help civilians: Assassin's Creed.

Finally, Doom 3 wasn't even mine. It belonged to a friend who sold it to me when he needed money, then I sold it back to him later. So to replace that, I have another game. A game with zombies, a number in the title, and is a PC FPS: Left 4 Dead.

Also, if you look to the side, you will see a video for my new ustream account, where I will be playing my games live for the select few who actually feel like viewing it.

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