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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Progress for July 22, 2008 - FF IV

This game freaking rocks!
I loved the original, but now with full 3D characters and pre-rendered cutscenes, as well as the top notch voice acting, it just pushes it over the line from sweet to fucking awesome!
One major difference in the gameplay from the original is the higher amount of level grinding you need early on in the game. In the original for the SNES, you could blow through the beginning all the way to antlion's nest without having to stop. In the DS version, I had to grind for like 8 levels outside of Kaipo to ensure Rydia wasn't getting her ass handed to her at the start of every battle.

As for the scene in Damcyan, Tellah still calls Edward a "spoony bard.

Right now, I'm at the base of Mt. Ordeals, and I'm planning to continue through the night until I pass out. Then I'll get some sleep, wake up, and play some more. Yay!

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