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Friday, July 25, 2008

Progress for July 24, 2008 - FF IV

I spent a good hour leveling up in the Eblan region before going to the Tower of Zot. my level 36+ characters made short work of any monsters I ran into there. But when I got Kain and Rosa, they were only at level 30 :( so now I'm back in the Eblan region leveling them up to at least level 40 before I head underground.

I'm not leveling Cid, though; He's staying dead in the back row. I'm going to lose him for good as soon as I go down the hole, so I don't have any reason to keep leveling him up.

Cecil: Lv 42
Kain: Lv 36
Yang: Lv 40
Rosa: Lv 32
Cid: Lv 37
Total Gil: 36905
Playtime: 16:29

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