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Monday, September 1, 2008

Progress for September 1, 2008 - Bully

A new month, a new game. I'd heard a lot about Bully even before it came out on the PS2. Apparently parent groups wanted the game banned based purely on what they THOUGHT the subject matter involved. Then they played the game. The term "foot-in-mouth disease" comes to mind.

So far, Bully seems like it is to GTA what Small Brawl is to the Twisted Metal series. The game feels very similar to GTA in the mission format, map appearance, and even the types of objectives you need to complete, except scaled down to take place in a school instead of a city. I'm enjoying the cathartic motion-controlled melee system, although I was slightly disappointed there wasn't an option to swap the Wii remote and nunchuk left/right orientation.
But then, I was also disappointed when Link in Twilight Princess for the Wii suddenly became right handed. I guess other game designers don't care about laterality as much as I do.

I'm only slightly more than 5% through the game, according to the in-game tally, so I have a considerable ways to go.

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