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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Progress for September 14, 2008 - Bully

Alright, well, there's not too much to report. I've been playing some minigames, doing a few story missions, odd jobs, etc. Bully doesn't really translate well from a storytelling standpoint.

But if you MUST now.
Pinky is a total overbearing bitch. She's comes from a long line of in-bred preppy socialites who want to keep their money in the family.. at the expense of their own genes. Her family wants her to date and marry her first cousin (which is apparently legal in that jurisdiction) but since he showed up more than 3 minutes late to their date, she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Whatever writers they got for this game weren't afraid to break every taboo in the book with wanton disregard for tact and decency. It's a thing of comedic beauty.

Complete: 28.61%

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