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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Progress for August 12, 2009 - Gun

Wow. Jumping from Kill.Switch to this was interesting to say the least. Gun is MUCH easier, and a lot more versatile. But I suppose that's why they call it an open-world game.

The most recent save file in Gun is dated April 23, 2007. Over 2 years ago. I'm probably going to be running into a lot of these kinds of situations where my previous save file is still intact, but I start the entire game over simply because I don't remember any of the storyline.

In essence, it's what's kept me from finishing a lot of these games; I don't want to start all over again because I've already made so much progress. But I don't want to continue from where I was because I'd be stuck without the storyline. So the games just sit there gathering dust.

Progress: 21.8%

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