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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Progress for September 15, 2009 - Okami

Like Gun, I started playing Okami a long time ago. In fact, I bought the game at launch and even pre-ordered it to get the free caligraphy pad. But they were out of them when I went to go pick it up. Damn you Electronics Boutique!

After spending about 30 minutes skipping through the absurdly long intro, I finally reached the first save point. Unfortunately my memory card didn't have enough space on it. Luckily my sister's PS2 was available for my file-swapping needs. I don't know why more PS2 games don't have card file management built into them. At any rate, I was able to continue after 5 minutes of maintenance.

This game always reminds me of tuna fish and breathmints. Probably because the first time I played it, I was snacking on a "Starkist lunch pack" that contains tuna in a pouch, crackers, mayonaise and relish, and interestingly enough a breathmint for afterward. I suppose they take the term "tuna-breath" seriously. I don't know why I remember that among all other benign memories, but I guess it seemed unusual enough to merit a place in my brain. Right next to the license plate of our family's old station wagon that we got rid of 15 years ago. I don't even know my own car's license plate from memory.

Oh yeah, Okami! I'm 4:48 into the game and I have 5 of the 13 brush techniques. I just got the Water Lily and I'll be exploring the new area tomorrow.

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