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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Progress for September 15, 2009 - Starcraft

Woo! Terran Campaign is fucking done!

This was easily the most time-consuming mission yet. It might look like I've been slacking off, but seriously, I've been playing almost every day. (Save for the weekends when I go out partying.)

I started off by following the strategy guide pretty much to the letter, but ran into massive problems when trying to expand to the central mineral deposits. I kept reloading the game, hoping to fortify the area before being overrun with siege tanks and ghosts, but kept butting my head against the same wall.

Checking online, I came across a speedrun hosted on which gave me my eventual strategy. A wraith rush.

I built the bare minimum of structures required to keep myself up and running (bunkers and supply depots, mostly) before working my way up the tech tree to build 3 simultaneous starports. Then I just started building wraiths. Once I had 2 control groups of 12, I brought them to the eastern border of the army and went all out. One time I had gotten SO close to completing it. I only had 6 wraiths left, but they were cloaked and undetectable, slowly picking away at the Ion cannon. I had it down to a mere 65 life when some damn science vessel drifted by and exposed my Wraiths. I hoped it would burn down on its own, but by the time I'd built an academy and comsat station to check, it had apparently been repaired. I gave up at this point.

I tried once more, this time only having 2 wraiths left from my original 24. But instead, I just kept building more. Before my two were exposed I had amassed a third strike force of 12 more wraiths with even more in production. I swooped in with my third group and finished the cannon off. Booyah!

I'm taking a hiatus from Starcraft for now. I have to send my laptop in to be repaired and this seems like a logical stopping point, since I'll have to relearn pretty much everything when I move over to the zerg campaign. I'll be playing Okami for a while now.

Missions Completed:
The Hammer Falls

Total Complete: 33%

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