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Monday, August 18, 2008

Progress for August 18, 2008 - FF IV - COMPLETED!

You know, Zeromus is not that hard when your weakest party member is level 92.

Allow me to set the scene for you:

The first time I faced Zeromus, I was on a plane for a 4 hour flight between Atlanta and Los Angeles. I didn't beat him then. I spent the next few days recuperating and relaxing (hence the gap between the last posts) before I finally decided to finish up the game. I spent a good 2 hours just leveling up in the crystal pre-core area before Zemus's lair. Once Cecil hit level 99, I headed out of the cave and finished up some sidequests. Once I had the Safe Travel augment, I knew it was time to finish up.

I started off by berzerking Edge, having Rydia start casting with her Stardust Rod, and having Kain jump before I had Cecil use the crystal. This gave me a good 25,000 damage right off the bat. I continued to jump with Kain, attack with Cecil, and Edge, and cast Stardust with Rydia. when I didn't need her to heal, I had Rosa cast Holy. I was consistenly dealing 9999 damage with everyone, but Zeromus wasn't going to go down that easily. He took out Cecil with a combination of Whirl and Flare, and everyone else went down after a combo of Big Bang and Meteor. Only Kain was left alive, BARELY.

I was sure it was over; I knew I'd have to try again. I had Kain jump again and waited as the battle ran its course. With nobody for Zeromus to attack, we both just sat there and waited for Kain to come down...

*rumbling as Zeromus dissolves below the battlefield*

Take that, forces of darkness!

I'll post a full review of FF4 tomorrow, including a short retrospective of my experiences with it.

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