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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Progress for August 28, 2008 - Metroid Prime Hunters - COMPLETED!

Well, this was unexpected. I beat it! Even after my last post, I got bored while watching TV and decided to pick up my DS and make some more progress. I didn't expect to go all the way to the end, or even to defeat Gorea on only my second attempt.

I had a prediction what kind of battle I'd be up against after reading the scanned information from the Alimbic Phantoms or whatever they're called. A large creature that changes color and powers depending on its vulnerability. Gee, how original! I've never seen that in a game before! (other than Mega Man, Metroid Prime, Kirby 64, Final Fantasy IV DS, Super Mario RPG...)

As with last time, I'll be posting my retrospective tomorrow. G'night everybody!

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Anonymous said...

ur doing a great job keep them comin im jsut waitin for post of the zelda games i enjoy watchin people play them and i still havent seen much of twilight